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I oppose Critical Race Theory. Well, I cannot say if I oppose the text, Critical Race Theory, or its academic study because I’ve absolutely no experience with either, but I absolutely oppose the practical application of Critical Race Theory (CRT) as it is increasingly absorbed by culture and social communities (particularly online advocacy spaces). Whether it is CRT in truth, or a conflation of CRT with Robin De Angelo’s White Fragility cult, the CRT I’ve encountered in online social communities has been nothing short of toxic.

Going Forward

When I began this blog and when I entered the social media landscape as Cornflower Girl, I did not set out to be an Autistic Creator. I did set out to produce content to which others could relate, which would, hopefully, facilitate catharsis for wounded souls in need of balm, like my own. I began creating content for online consumption long before I ever realized I am Actually Autistic. It all began with a novel project, which I have referenced from time to time within these pages, and while I’ve shelved that particular endeavor (for who knows how long?) it did play a necessary role in my personal evolution.

Bonus Inauguration Day Content

I felt inspired to create this video this morning. I wore red, white, and blue today, with great pride, which is something I don’t think I have ever done with intention as an adult. I feel proud to be an American today, and I am hopeful that we have turned a corner as a nation, with the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris, and the removal of 45. Enjoy!

Black Lives Matter

When I use the term deconstruction, I am not simply referring to the process I’ve used to examine my faith or religious ideology. For me, deconstruction is shattering each obstruction that impedes my perception of unadulterated truth. I wish to fracture every fantasy that prevents me from seeing the pain of the oppressed. In the beginning, this journey was self-motivated; I wished to release myself from obligation to former oppressive authorities of my own–church, my parents, the standards of the American education system, and so on. Each demolition preceded insight, and the more insight gained, the more I identified with other oppressed and marginalized communities.