While I am admittedly domestically deficient, I am also creatively proficient. I’ve been less active here on the blog because while I’ve been prolifically writing, I’ve been producing content for YouTube, TikTok, and now, I’ve launched a podcast.

On TikTok, since videos cannot exceed one minute duration, most of those videos contain brief anecdotes or concise explanations for psychological concepts. Because the app’s algorithm is designed for discovery and virility, I’ve amassed a rather large following, but over the months, engagement has waned, and I’ve begun to focus my energy on platforms that offer longer form content streaming.

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I’ve produced several series and mini-series on YouTube–all with the intent of bringing awareness to the psychological implications of unhealthy family relationships and trauma. Dissecting Dumb Shit offers episodes reflecting on the relationship between family dynamics and mental health. In series 2, I’ve been sharing my own learning as I’ve studied psychological defenses in Joseph Burgo’s book Why Do I Do That? Dumb Shit Stops Here is a series devoted to raising awareness for #rapeculture, as well as dysfunctional systems that perpetuate victim blaming for survivors of sexual abuse and assault.

My newest endeavors on YouTube have been my Cornflower Quirk and Clearly Cathartic series. The former contains my self-analysis of the impact of undiagnosed ASD over my life, while the latter interprets relevant artistic creations for their symbolic relationship to my life experience.

Finally, my most current project is the launch of my podcast, Surviving the Shit. My goal is to synthesize all I’m learning about psychoanalysis with my personal experience as an autistic human. I hope to encourage others to scrutinize their lives through an interpretive process, which I wholeheartedly believe facilitates healing and ushers liberation and autonomy.

As I branch out across the myriad platforms, I hope to continue producing content for this blog, but it likely won’t flow with the same current it has historically.

Thank you so much for joining me, and if you haven’t already, please do check out my other content streams. I am certain they won’t disappoint!

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Standing ground for desire through self-study of philosophy and psychoanalysis, self-reflection, and creative sublimation through the work of literary fiction.

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