The social medias really do not want me to share this information, but I believe it is vital to victims’—to survivors’—recovery from sexual trauma. Had I access to this information when I was 16, I may have ended my relationship with my abuser much sooner. I may have mitigated some of the traumatic impact of that relationship. Had I access to this information at 20, I may have begun to recover from the trauma then (rather than in my 30s), because I’d have had language to articulate my experiences, and it is only through the external articulation of trauma that we find healing.

Thus, I am creating this content to provide access to the kind of information that would have mitigated some of my own pain for those like me. It is my hope that those who need it find it, and I will rely on you, my friends and followers, to help me get the message out there.

The gallery below is called “Defining Rape,” and I am still adding to it. I try to use playful euphemisms to bring clarity to the ambiguous nature of sexual trauma. You will find social icons on the videos. Please share them with those you feel will benefit most from viewing them. Thank you in advance. Where algorithms censor, humans can bridge the information gap through shares and by continuing the conversation in other spaces.

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