It all started with religious deconstruction. As a new parent, I found myself at odds with some of the conservative Christian behavior management protocol. My children are neurodivergent, and I didn’t feel the rod, in all its forms (physical discipline, or even just mechanisms of shame and coercion) were beneficial to their healthy psychological development. Once I began dismantling my religious beliefs, others crumbled for lack of foundation. I questioned everything, and I haven’t stopped questioning. The more I evaluate the ideals that were forced onto me, the more I see the narrative was built for the protection of those in authority–those with power–in order to maintain control over me and others like me.

For this reason, I consider myself a champion of the marginalized, and it is my ambition to subvert systems of oppression by sharing my journey of enlightenment. Among the videos that are to eventually fill this page, you will find psychoanalytic and philosophical concepts which have helped me in my own quest for autonomy; encouraging meditations, which I hope will motivate you along your own; as well as educational explanations of important social movements. Use the Quick Links below to access each gallery. I hope you are galvanized in your own moral and ethical development as you engage with this content. Also, please do add your voice to the conversation by commenting at the bottom of the page.

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