Beliefs shape identity, but families shape beliefs. I suspect this is why Freud, and Lacan who followed, asserted that we are all divided subjects. We think we know who we are, but identity is enveloped in our interpretations of the perceptions others have of us. Where is the agency in that?

Deconstruction is a process necessary to authentic identity formation. It is through this mechanism that we eliminate superfluous signifiers and replace them with preferred affirmations. I do not have to be that which I thought my parents perceived me to be. I can decide for myself.

Authenticity is at the heart of psychological and emotional recovery. Trauma traps us in a mire of juxtaposed ideals and confusions, and the only way out is through interpretation. We must examine the ideals, the experiences, the doubts, and demands, and then we must evaluate them. How did they derive? Were they imposed? Did we discover them autonomously? Then, we discard the most damaging and rebuild ourselves through a synthesis of independent judgments.

I am my own.

I am the author.

I am the originator.

I decide my fate.

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