I have always had an analytical bent. This is why I chose English Literature as my major in college. I can’t seem to not analyze and interpret all facets of my life and experience, and my undergraduate studies taught me how to channel and sharpen these natural tendencies. Perhaps this is why, in middle life, I’ve become so compelled towards psychoanalysis. I’ve finally found a way to apply my predisposition towards interpretation to all facets of my life.

Symbols are integral parts of the literary experience; likewise, they are integral parts of the psychological domain. I have decided to begin a blog series, for patrons at the Sprouts level and above, analyzing the symbols of my life. What do my interests–the things to which I am inclined–say about my psyche at present, as well as its development over time?

I am a teacher, by trade. Thus, it is my hope that by modeling the analytic process, as well as illuminating its benefits in personal growth, perhaps you will feel compelled towards something similar. Perhaps, you will reflect on your own interests and inclinations and find new layers of meaning to validate your own experience.

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If you would like to follow along this analytic journey, please consider joining my Patreon community at the Sprouts level. For $3 a month, you will have exclusive access to this blog series, a hand written thank you card from me, as well as a shout out in a future YouTube Dumb Shit episode. I will be using these funds to maintain my website, as well as create more (and increasingly better quality) video content across all platforms.

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Standing ground for desire through self-study of philosophy and psychoanalysis, self-reflection, and creative sublimation through the work of literary fiction.

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