I lived 39 years of life on this earth without knowing I’ve been autistic all along! I became aware (ever so slightly) while watching the Netflix series Atypical. At the time, I’d had both kids evaluated by Occupational Therapists for sensory processing challenges, in addition to emotional regulation and executive function issues. While watching the show, I told my husband several times, “I can’t say whether or not this is an accurate portrayal of Autism, because I am clueless about it, but it sure does accurately represent ADHD.” Of course, this is because at the time, I suspected both myself and the kids were ADHDers, but over time, I began to learn more and more about Autism, and the haze cleared. After self diagnosing, I met with a neuropsychologist this summer and received a formal diagnosis. I began deconstructing my past through the lens of enlightenment, and more video content was born. Enjoy this collection recounting tales of my experience as an autistic human living in an allistic world.

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