You may have noticed a total overhaul to my website. I am transforming the site to feature my short form video content, since that is the primary form I’ve been presenting in lately. Please take a moment to browse my collections, and enjoy videos I’ve created for TikTok and Instagram Reels. Now that I am moving my content to this website, I will be creating videos for the express purpose of sharing them with you. I will maintain my presence on the other platforms, but some of the content I post there doesn’t get pushed out to the masses (thanks to quirky algorithms), so I will have it all here for your viewing pleasure.

With that said, I began a new video series today, and while I thought it would perform well on the other platforms, it’s off to a rocky start, so I am going to plug it here and hope you will view it, share it, and enjoy it!

The new series is called “A Word that Rhymes with Shape.” I intend to use quirky euphemisms to define the concept of rape, and the first video is merely an introduction meant to convey the intent of the series. I plan to extend it further in the days to come. I am creating this series for people out there who struggle to process their experiences of sexual assault and rape due to the ambiguity of information we internalize regarding body autonomy and consent. I wish to make it clear for others, because when I figured these things out (way too late in my journey) it really mitigated so much of the shame I bore for so long. I wish to do the same for others.

I will include the video on this post, but it is also part of a larger collection which you can find here.

Word that Rhymes with Shape

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