My husband, Philip Morrow, proposed to me during a picnic he arranged at a park in Metairie, Louisiana, which we frequented as a young couple. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, and in a really smooth move, he arranged the open ring box in front of my face, as he said, “Marry me?” I forgot to use words in my response. Instead, I tackled him with kisses, but we like to joke with each other about the entire experience. He says I didn’t answer him. I say he didn’t ask a question. He did. There was definitely a questioning lilt at the end of the sentence, but I enjoy the playful banter as we recount the memory together.

In the spirit of that memory, I would like to make a proposal of my own to you today.

Partner with me?

I have a Patreon account, and am re-launching it today with revised goals. Now that I am officially a growing TikTok and YouTube creator, I’ve a newly inspired mission.

Dumb Shit Stops Here.

By dumb shit, I mean trauma–specifically the generational variety. My ambition is to share anecdotes from my own life experience as a vehicle to offer validation for the experiences of others and to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned from my experience to raise awareness regarding the relationship between parentage and identity formation, as well as the perpetuation of abusive cycles.

I will accomplish these goals by continuing to produce short form videos for TikTok, as well as longer video content for YouTube, and by continuing to release regular blog content here, on this website. I aim to use Patreon to raise funds to enrich the quality of the content I already produce.

If you choose to partner with me, here are some of the rewards you could receive (depending, of course, on the level of patronage at which you choose to subscribe):

  • a hand written Thank You card from me!
  • a Shout Out to you on a future YouTube video.
  • special access to Patron-ONLY content on this blog.
  • opportunities to submit questions for me to feature and answer on screen in future YouTube videos.
  • special access to Patron-ONLY YouTube content.
  • Periodic Zoom meetings with Cornflower Girl and other Blooms Tier supporters.

To access these benefits, find me at

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Standing ground for desire through self-study of philosophy and psychoanalysis, self-reflection, and creative sublimation through the work of literary fiction.

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