Indeed, I aim to create content that is, by nature, polemic defines polemic as “a controversial argument, as one against some opinion, doctrine, etc…”

I aim to be polemic–not for the sake of controversy, but in effort to subvert artificial hierarchies of social authority. I aim to disarm authority structures by advocating the reconstruction of relationships between subject and power.

No power is inherent; all jurisdiction is construct, appointed and regulated by the social collective. There is no anointing–it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Nevertheless, those who ascend fervently believe in their own sovereignty. Their dependents, then, subsume that faith, and in consequence, surrender autonomy. It is by way of our dependence upon this manufactured power and the belief that it exceeds our own that we surrender intuition and insight in exchange for comfort and complacency. You see these dynamics at play across the social horizon: doctor/patient, teacher/student, pastor/congregant, employer/employee, parent/child and so on…

I contend that the relationships of each dichotomy would better serve society if we altered our perception of each role. In other words, we should reconfigure the relationships by dissembling the hierarchies and establishing partnerships in their stead.

Through my content, I intend to empower underlings to insist on community and cooperation, rejecting subservience, demanding respect as autonomous participants in braiding the social tapestry, no longer minions upholding the egos of the reigning authority. We must assert independence from autocratic institutions and despotic social communities.

We are all capable.

We are all qualified.

Artificial authority imposes; it binds. This is an offensive measure to preserve power and undergird pride. Such behavior is abuse, and we’ve the power to subvert, to reconfigure, to transform. The imbalance of power is contrived, upheld by mutual faith. Faith is a product of the mind. Thus, to access autonomy, we must alter our thinking. By revising the narrative from within, we empower conviction without. I am not subservient. I am not superior. I am a partner, a co-author, and I will accept nothing less than that going forward.

A Declaration of my Mission

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