Tania Marshall is an Australian psychologist who specializes in the field of female autism and neurodiversity. She has developed an exhaustive list of traits that typify adult females with high functioning Autism (formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome). Careful study of the collected traits indicates aspects of behavior in women which fulfill the criteria as outlined by the DSM-V; however, the list reveals the subtler nuances of symptomatic presentation in females on the spectrum. You can access Tania’s list here and the DSM-V criteria for diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder here.

Using Tania’s list, in concert with online Asperger’s assessments, I can easily qualify my self-diagnosis of ASD. It is my hope that I will find a specialist to corroborate my own analysis.

Again, this exhaustive list contains characteristics which fall under the umbrella of the broad criteria set forth for the diagnosis of ASD in the DSM-V. As I process my self-analysis, I intend to create written and video content because the act of creating fosters a more comprehensive understanding for myself–but hopefully, it will, likewise, help you to understand (whether or not you suspect you are on the spectrum) the nuances of ASD, particularly in women.

Consider this my introduction to a burgeoning new series on the topic.

Consider yourself warned that lots of ASD related content is forthcoming.

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