Below you will find my most recent podcast episode! Here is a brief excerpt to peak your interest:

“I would like to explore the role of my neurodivergence in first, my susceptibility to religious manipulation, and what is commonly referred to by psychologists as religious trauma; and second, my eventual crisis of faith, or what I prefer to call a spiritual awakening, and the inevitable religious deconstruction which followed…I believe that my personality profile left me susceptible to religious trauma. However, you do not have to be autistic or neurodivergent to be a victim of religious abuse. While I will explain the role of divergent neurological processing in my experience of religious exploitation, I do not wish to minimize the degree of culpability for those who hold power in religious organizations. I believe this is a pervasive problem—across denominations and international lines, and many, many people, whether neurotypical or neurodivergent, have been victimized by the Church. For this reason, I am certain that if you are a neurotypical person, who finds yourself alienated and condemned by religious communities, you will relate to my story. You will find insight to help you access catharsis for yourself, no matter where you find yourself on the neurological spectrum.”

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