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The Nightmare on Auti Street

I endured an online cancel campaign. I now feel demoralized because I know I did nothing wrong, and I am convinced that the leaders of the cancel campaigns were led by unethical motives. Consequently, I’ve grown exceedingly suspicious of woke culture, identity politics, anti-racism activism, and CRT. Together with bad actors motivated by greed for power, they have been utilized as weapons of civic discord.

Clearly Cathartic

A psychoanalytic reading of any work of art can permissibly disregard the creator’s intent in lieu of the message received by the audience. This is the approach I take in the following video, as I analyze the meaning of “No Light, No Light,” by Florence + the Machine, as it relates to my personal experience at this moment in time. Enjoy!

Intellectual Inconsistency

For starters, I did a poor job of preparing for the test. I owned a practice assessment book, but I just could not engage with the strategically abstract nature of the content. Needless to say, I didn’t spend all that much time preparing. To read the practice manual was, for me, like reading a foreign language. It exhausted me and triggered tension headaches.

Back to School

Currently, I’ve been waking from dreams with eerily similar content. I’m back in high school (I hated high school), I’m impounded, frustrated because I don’t want to be there. I’ve been here before. Why am I back? Why do I have to do this–all–over–again?