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Freedom of Thought

In the wake of The Nightmare on Auti Street, I’ve found my philosophical and political positions refined. Because of this, I am rebranding. I will be making changes to my website in the coming weeks, but for now, I would like to share a few things with you. First, I will embed my most recent episode of Freedom of Thought on YouTube. Then, I will provide my Substack and Linktree links for you to access all of my content streams going forward.

I Didn’t Want To

Explaining my reasons (for not wanting to) proved futile, and he only used them against me (via the aforementioned gaslighting). However, as I process the trauma, I find it cathartic to delineate, for no one other than myself (and perhaps others who may relate) what my reasons were because I find it affirming. When I articulate why I protested against any sexual activity, I realize the depth of betrayal, the intensity of psychological torment, and the feelings of hopelessness I bore throughout those hellacious years. It empowers present day Me to nurture and comfort the past Me because past Me endured it all in isolation, alienated from my peers, terrified of my family, and wracked with guilt and shame.

Knowledge and Craving

I recently wrote of Erich Fromm’s contention that the human experience brings about alienation for each. Individuation compels the experience of disunion, and he delineates the process for both individuals and the human collective.

Bridging the Gulf

We all emerge from unity with our mothers, willingly or no. That blissful cohesion of mother and child is temporary, and at its inevitable end, we are met with one fundamental truth of human existence: we are detached–separate. For most of us, we spend the remainder of our days seeking that which will produce an artificial simulation of that initial cohesion.