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Fear Vs Reason

I enrolled in college at 17. My parents refused to allow me to live on campus. They let me choose between two universities within driving distance from our home; I selected Nicholls State University, in Thibodaux, Louisiana. It was a 45 minute commute, through cane fields, and along the banks of the bayou.


I feel as though I am caught up within the vortex of a whirlwind these days. Last week, I labored to prepare my kids for the start of our remote learning school year, and this week, we’ve begun. Yet, just after the first morning’s classes, my youngest discovered a boil on her gum, so she had to have an emergency tooth extraction this morning. What a way to begin an already strange and uncertain year!

Very Superstitious

When we enact superstitious rituals, we attempt to control things of which we have no real control. In this video, I share ways I have been impacted by the superstitions of others, as well as my own OCD rituals, which I used in attempt to control external events.


Today I published all of the #cornflowercopes segments to their own playlist on YouTube. Now, you can watch the individual installments of this segment, outside of the full context of Dissecting Dumb Shit videos.

I AM the Red Caboose

This is the first in a patron-only blog series I am calling Life Symbolic, wherein I consider, for analysis, my own hobbies, interests, and preferences to investigate ways that my unconscious manifests in concrete areas of personal experience.

Mama Drama

Saturday was my mother’s birthday. I sent a gift. I emailed a video of my daughter singing the birthday song. I did not call her. I did not text. I did no frilly, sentimental social media post to honor her.