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Basic Mental Health: Magical Thinking

Magical thinking is the belief that unrelated events affect each other, when there is no causal relationship between them. Superstitions, such as the following, are obvious examples; Don’t step on a crack, or you’ll break your mama’s back! Religious rituals are no different. As a young Christian, I believed that saying certain prayers or repeating certain scriptures would prevent bad things from happening to me and those I loved.

Pure O

In today’s episode of Dissecting Dumb Shit, I discuss the use of compulsion as a defense against helplessness. I share my own experience with Pure O- OCD. Enjoy!

Very Superstitious

When we enact superstitious rituals, we attempt to control things of which we have no real control. In this video, I share ways I have been impacted by the superstitions of others, as well as my own OCD rituals, which I used in attempt to control external events.

DDS: OCD and Shame

When I was 12, my family was a battlefield. The three other members were embroiled in contentious arguments, while I played (or attempted to play) the role of peacemaker. Because I considered myself the family diplomat, I repressed anger and rage.