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The Church of Social Justice

The Church of Social Justice

What is religion, but a system of beliefs with codified standards for enforcing the norms of their practical application? Not every religion is sacred. Political activism risks taking the shape of religion, as overzealous adherents establish formulas for regulating and enforcing ethics, based on dogmatic belief. As it currently stands, the Western Social Justice Movement contains the requisite ingredients for transformation from a revolutionary tool of resistance to an oppressive secular religion, in its own rite. This is unfortunate, as the aims of the movement are just: freedom, liberty, and equality; however, any method rooted in fundamentalism yields, not the former ideals, but tyranny and retribution.

Bonus Inauguration Day Content

I felt inspired to create this video this morning. I wore red, white, and blue today, with great pride, which is something I don’t think I have ever done with intention as an adult. I feel proud to be an American today, and I am hopeful that we have turned a corner as a nation, with the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris, and the removal of 45. Enjoy!

The Jackboot Didn’t Jump

The insurrection at the capital triggered dissociation for me. The MAGAs replicate my abuse. They are magnified reflections of all the individuals and collectives who’ve trammeled my emotions and psyche over time. It’s outrageous and disgusting, and while I can never completely understand the oppression of minority races–the prejudice and the disadvantage faced by all–I can stand in solidarity because I know the psychology of the oppressor all too well.