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An Impotent Talisman

When gripped by terror and anxious ruminations regarding the risk of my automotive travels, mom settled on what she deemed the only solution. Were my mom’s intent to actually protect her child, as opposed to simply mollify her own disquiet, perhaps, she’d have considered other options.

The Elephant in the Dance Studio

You can listen to the third episode of my new podcast, Surviving the Shit, by clicking above. TRIGGER WARNING: this one regards eating disorders. I analyze my own experience through a psychoanalytic lens, within the context of my growing awareness of autism and my life experience as a human on the spectrum.

Very Superstitious

When we enact superstitious rituals, we attempt to control things of which we have no real control. In this video, I share ways I have been impacted by the superstitions of others, as well as my own OCD rituals, which I used in attempt to control external events.