Now that I’ve committed to the decision to bow out of the TikTok community, I have begun (as per my typical response to opportunities terminated) to deconstruct the entire experience. With that said, I created a video for IGTV and YouTube that explains how I achieved success on the platform, and why I refuse to continue doing what is necessary in order to sustain that form of success.

Ultimately, my goals as a creator are incompatible with the structure and mechanics of TikTok’s algorithm, and now that I’ve recognized this reality (which took far too long to happen, in my opinion), I am ready to move on–not to greener pastures because I am not sure there is such a thing–but to pastures better suited to my personality and mode of operation.

I’d love to do more of these lessons learned from TikTok, as there are many, and they really have been good, bad, and myriad in between. Please let me know in the comments of this post whether you would be interested in hearing more of my experience as a TikTok creator.

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  1. I find your explanation fascinating. As a tiktok consumer but not a creator, it is interesting to understand how things play out on the app. 1 minute blips definitely mess with message delivery.

    1. Absolutely! So much is taken out of context – especially when a video garners reach to the point where it enters the “wrong side of TikTok,” in which case the message of my “dumb shit” vids was entirely lost.

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