The insurrection at the capital triggered dissociation for me. The MAGAs replicate my abuse. They are magnified reflections of all the individuals and collectives who’ve trammeled my emotions and psyche over time. It’s outrageous and disgusting, and while I can never completely understand the oppression of minority races–the prejudice and the disadvantage faced by all–I can stand in solidarity because I know the psychology of the oppressor all too well.

This morning, I listened to “Jackboot Jump,” by Hozier. Ok, so this isn’t out of the ordinary. Most days, I listen to “Jackboot Jump,” by Hozier because it is on my autistically appointed playlist “Repeat–No Joke,” which I play on repeat (no joke) when I am feeling low.

However, this time, upon listening, I had an epiphany, so I made a video reflection on the distinction between the Black Lives Matter protests–peaceful and solemn–and their unjustifiable iron-fisted policing versus the foolishness and revelry of yesterday’s insurrection and it’s lack of policing.

I hope the message undergirds our resolve to persist–to stand for what is right, good, and humane.

Since publishing this, I have learned that I misused the word “anarchists” to describe the domestic terrorists who breached the capitol. I was ignorant of the true meaning of the word, and I apologize. Please disregard that word and replace it in your mind with domestic terrorists. Thank you.

When the Jackboot Doesn’t Jump

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