At birth, we are immediately thrust into a false dichotomy; adults are all-knowing, right, and good, while kids are ignorant, wrong, and bad. This is manifest through the parental expression of authority, and accepted as the rule of law for life. The dichotomy is not inherently bad; after all, in many cases, it accounts for moral and conscious development. However, the failure to accede to its falsity can produce undesirable consequences.

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We may be born into this power structure, but that does not discount the presence of subjective intuition. As thinking subjects, we have the power to discern what is right and good. However, all too often, we ignore or repress this inner knowledge, in favor of the attested authority of our guardians. This occurs when our intuition and the desire of the authority conflict. In truth, it is likely not in our best interests, as kids, to assert our intuition over the desired outcomes of our caretakers. Such an act surely would not meet with success. Thus, we surrender our own desires to those of the authority, and by doing this, we become more and more estranged from that intuition. The voice of the other takes precedence.

This is problematic because so often, adults abuse, manipulate, and exploit their authority over children. Even the most well-meaning adults, operating under the false belief that adults are always correct and children are always incorrect, at times, impose harmful ideas and behaviors onto kids.

Why is it that adults have such a difficult time conceding? Why must that false dichotomy be upheld, at the cost of a child’s well-being?

It is my mission to help bring awareness to the world–to help kids and adults to see that the power dynamics between them are illusory. I aim to raise consciousness because when adults begin to admit fault, forfeit when wrong, and apologize in earnest, kids will learn to re-access their discernment, to trust themselves, and live healthier social lives.

If you are interested in how I am carrying out this mission, you can find me on TikTok. I’ve a growing library of micro-videos aimed at this goal.

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