Hello. My name is Julie. I have been a great many things in this life–a child, a student, a ballet dancer and performer, a friend, a believer, a pretender, a victim, a seeker, a temp, a teacher, a grad student, a sufferer of eating disorders, OCD and sexual abuse. Today, I am a wife, a mother, an almost former ballet teacher (one week left of this particular job), a survivor, a de-constructor, an intuitive and an eclectic creative. I am working on becoming a novelist, and generally speaking, a better human. Yet through all the changes, all the steps of my personal metamorphosis, I have always been a dreamer, a thinker, and I have always been a writer.

As soon as I could write my ABCs and 123s, I relished the power writing gave me. A fierce introvert and shy to the point of paralysis, I learned at an early age that I could communicate freely and thoroughly if given the opportunity to expel my thoughts through the gentle glide of pen on paper. Anxious and repressed, I collected and filled journal after journal during my formative years and forever since.

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I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature way back in December 2002. An okay student overall, I excelled in my English and Humanities courses, always esteemed by those professors, to my surprise. I didn’t speak much in class, but my papers carried a wealth of insight. I always hoped to find a profession that would make use of my writing ability but it never worked out for me. In early adulthood, I submitted some poetry and a few creative nonfiction pieces to periodical publications, but nothing was ever accepted, and being an aggressive giver-upper, I assumed it was because I wasn’t good enough. Silly girl! I didn’t want it bad enough then. I didn’t understand that rejection was part of the process.

In the Fall of 2018, I took a brief break from all social media, and in the interim an idea for a novel sort of hovered around me like a cloud. I never in my life thought I was capable of writing fiction or crafting something as vast and insurmountable as a novel, but here I was, with a cramped wrist and fingers after hand writing pages and pages of ideas into my personal notebook, brainstorming a steady flow of possibilities. Today, I am 10 chapters in, and so grateful because I actually believe I will finish this thing. I actually believe I can finally claim the title “writer,” and for now, at least “aspiring novelist.”

The purpose of this blog is to connect with other people out there–other students, victims, sufferers, mothers, wives, and writers. It is also a place where I plan to write about anything and everything–a place where I plan to follow my muse. Therefore, I do not plan on categorizing this blog because it is my hope that I will cover a wide array of topics and ideas throughout these pages.

With that said, thank you for joining me, and stay tuned for more!

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Standing ground for desire through self-study of philosophy and psychoanalysis, self-reflection, and creative sublimation through the work of literary fiction.

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