I feel as though I am caught up within the vortex of a whirlwind these days. Last week, I labored to prepare my kids for the start of our remote learning school year, and this week, we’ve begun. Yet, just after the first morning’s classes, my youngest discovered a boil on her gum, so she had to have an emergency tooth extraction this morning. What a way to begin an already strange and uncertain year!

I’ve so many ideas of content I would like to produce, especially for YouTube and my podcast, but I haven’t had the time to process the ideas or follow through. I am hopeful that now that school is actually in session, once my littlest acclimates to the routine in the wake of her traumatic dental experience, perhaps, I’ll be able to put my ideas into action, yet again.

For now, I have only this video to give. I created a longer #candidcornflower video, and only just now, when viewing after publishing, I realized I left out the selection of the first question I answer on screen. Because things are so weird for me at present, I am just going to leave the imperfect video there for now, without editing and re-publishing. It’s symbolic of my presence within the foggy tumult of the aforementioned whirling vortex.

Please enjoy this very imperfect, albeit quirky video, of me responding to 2 viewer questions and providing you with a tour of our at home learning space and my recording studio (closet).

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